Pair Your Wine With Delectable Cheeses

Pair Your Wine With Delectable Cheeses

Shop the premium selection at Salut Market in Kalamazoo, MI

At Salut Market, we’re dedicated to bringing you a variety of products that aren’t found in most area spirits stores. That’s why we offer a selection of premium cheeses from all over the world, including:

• Italian
• French
• American
• Spanish

When you want to select the best wine and cheese pairings for your wedding or try a product you never sampled before, come to Salut Market in Kalamazoo, MI. Stop by our shop today to explore our deli.

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Salut Market first opened more than a decade ago as a fine wine shop before adding beer, spirits and a deli. We’re dedicated to offering a robust inventory and providing first-class customer care.

Check out the wine, beer, spirits and deli items at Salut Market to see you’ve been missing.